Transports Unit

Safe shipping

From the storage to the delivery

The Transports Unit works as damage commissioner in the field of commodity and marine expert reports, providing specific services for every shipment typology, and Loss prevention consultancy. Our services are taylor-made and characterized by quality and reliability.

Centrale Operativa Nazionale
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The team

We aim to increase the territorial coverage of our expert technicians in the Marine & Cargo branch in all the AlfaCincotti Offices distributions, allowing high reactivity to the clients demands.
The Insured is at the center of our activity, the effectiveness and speed of our investigations are aimed at satisfying him. The Company will have greater certainty thanks to our assessment methods, while Brokers and Agents will be able to count on a dedicated, rapid and transparent service.
Action guarantees preventive analysis services, added value for Insured, Companies, Brokers and Agents.

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Subject specialists

Typology of treated losses

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Services of Preventive estimation and expert analysis for the shipped goods.

  Vector bodies

Services of Preventive estimation and expert analysis for the ships’ body and hulls.

The loss management

  • Centralized management
  • Dedicated procedures
  • Commitment from Companies through Portal or via e-mail
  • Assignment following documentation analysis, dependently on the sector of the involved activity and on the occurence locality

Activity on the Loss

  1. Contact and informations collection performed by the Operations Center;
  2. Expert assessment through physical site inspection or, in case of emergency, even remotely;
  3. Analysis of the collected data and of the provided documents and profiling of the Loss’s framework of occurrence and its economic consequences;
  4. Revision and check;
  5. Return.