Innovation is part of a proper management

AlfaCincotti uses innovation in loss adjusting activities

Risks and claims evolve together with the business context and the insurance environment; therefore, loss-adjusting investigations cannot be left behind.

AlfaCincotti is committed to deal with the changes that the world presents to us through the most appropriate and functional technologies and equipment.

The tools of an innovative expertise

In order to reach heights and places that are difficult to reach, we offer a suitable technical analysis service thanks to the use of drones.

Video expertise
No place is unreachable: we are able to carry out georeferenced ascertainments remotely and in real time using smartphone applications, compliant with GDPR regulations, which allow us, especially during emergencies, to reduce the physical distance from the location of the loss.

Customer relationship management
All the assignments are managed, in the interest of the Customers, within our CRM program developed by specialists and based on a solid and reliable cloud structure which guarantees compliance with the most modern regulatory and IT security standards.